Big news this summer!

Katherine’s big news is the publication this summer of her second novel, Her Turn. HarperCollins is publishing it in the U.S. and Knopf in Canada. It’s a contemporary story set in Washington, D.C., about a newspaper editor whose life is up-ended when her ex-husband’s second wife submits an article to her. Wife #2 doesn’t know she is sending it to Wife #1, and a small circle of hell emerges. Her Turn has been described as an immensely readable, joyful novel about fidelity and forgiveness that explores a woman’s second act in life and the ties that still bind her to the first.

Elizabeth Renzetti writes, “Hilarious, wise and humane, Her Turn follows one woman’s twisting path through a maze of love and betrayal and forgiveness. It is infused with the joyful spirit of Nora Ephron and lit with a charm all its own.”

Her Turn has been chosen as one of Maclean’s 20 books to read this summer. Publishers’ Weekly calls it “gratifying” and “engrossing”: “Liz lands as a strong character with complex motivations … who transcends the often caricatured figure of the jilted ex-wife.”

Katherine has also been busy with articles in 2021. In January, Zoomer magazine published a piece about her getting on a bike for the first time in 30 years to cycle in Denmark with her family. She also wrote two reviews for The Times Literary Supplement of books by Giorgio Bassani (The Garden of the Finzi-Continis) and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Notes on Grief) and an essay about the novels of Kim Echlin for The Literary Review of Canada.